Mark Wynne Graduate of Spanish with Journalism

I write this blog as I am about to embark on my third year as a Teacher of Spanish, having entered the profession in 2016.

Mark Wynne.jpg

I graduated from the University of Chester in 2015 with a degree in Spanish with Journalism and it wasn’t until undertaking the British Council Language Assistantship during my Year Abroad that I realised teaching was something I really enjoyed doing and wanted to pursue as a career. Before that, I was able to use Spanish and apply it to writing for a Spanish football blog and the background in journalism certainly helped with translation tasks over the years, which just goes to show the versatility of language learning.

During my final year, I applied for the PGCE programme at Chester on the Riverside Campus and after a difficult, but extremely worthwhile year, became a Newly Qualified Teacher in June 2016.

My current career is probably the ‘stereotypical’ outcome for language graduates but that certainly does not mean it is a boring one (far from it!), and the experiences and skills I amassed during my time at the University have prepared me extremely well for life both in and out of the classroom and on both a personal and professional level. I am a confident teacher and member of the MFL department thanks to the subject knowledge, presentation skills and communicative abilities I left University with.

Your future career may or may not directly involve a language degree, but the range of opportunities on offer, and afforded to you, by studying one at University makes it challenging but worthwhile.

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