Graduate Hannah Colder writes about working as a translator.

Hannah Colder.jpg

I’m currently working as a Spanish to English in-house translator at the translation agency AltaLingua in Madrid. I translate everything and anything: from medical reports and legal documents, to advertising campaigns, texts for airlines, restaurants and hotel chains and even subtitles for videos and adverts. I’ve been working here for around a year now, and I love it! The job can be stressful at times because of tight deadlines, but the work environment is great, I get on really well with my colleagues, I’m learning so much and I get to live in my favourite city in the world. What I love the most about being a translator is that you gain so much knowledge about such a wide range of topics. For example, one day I might be working on an academic paper on algorithms, and the next day I have a journalistic article on places to visit in Italy… the list is endless and it’s so interesting to get to read and discover things that you wouldn’t necessarily otherwise.

To be an in-house translator you need a specific qualification in translation and/or
interpretation. I knew that this was the field I want to go into, so after graduating in Spanish from Chester in 2016, I came to Madrid to do a master’s degree in Intercultural
Communication, Translation and Interpretation in the Public Services at the Universidad de Alcalá. At the end of the course I did a work placement at Altalingua which then led on to a job, and that’s where I’ve stayed.

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