What Graduate Chloe Potts is doing now.

What you are doing now?

I am a Data Researcher for RavenPack, a big data analytics provider for financial services. The research team is in charge of modelling information from the media. The tasks involve understanding entities (e.g. companies / organizations) and creating profiles for these such that our natural language processing software can detect references to them in text content. In addition to this, we then train the system to detect events related to these entities.

What is is like to do it?

Chloe Potts photo

It is great, I look forward to arriving to work everyday. I love that my department deals with a range of projects which can be done in a team or independently. I have also been given the opportunity to manage my own projects, which can involve overseeing the work of other members of staff. I really look forward to arriving to work as each day

I always knew I wanted to work in Spain, so I initially took a job as an English Language Assistant as a first step. I then began using Linkedin and applying to jobs more relevant to my degree, somethings came back but nothing I ever truly wanted. After searching for several months, I finally got asked for an interview for a role I was interested in, and here I am today.

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